Tankstorage fair in ABU DHABI (Saoudi Arabia)

26 – 27 January 2015

TANKSTORAGE FAIR Abu Dhabi (Saoudi Arabia): . TECHMAS will be present with its solutions.

We will present our efficient degassing solutions :

Catalytic oxidation:
* 1.500 m³/h and more if needed
* Modular systems
* Adapt itself automaticaly to concentration and flow fluctuaction
* Foreseen fore heavy concentrations, benzene, chlorinated and so on.
* no direct flame
* No NOx, no SOx, no CO: just CO² and H²O
* DEKRA certified
* Sea container size: easy to move

– Cryogeny: a solution for degassing for  solvents, generally with boiling point under 40°C (104 °F), but also for other purposes:
* from 200 up to 1.500 m³/h
* also to use without liquid nitrogen: for flows of 1500 m³/h, create T° difference of up to 75°C (167°F).
* Liquid nitrogen consumption for flows of 1.500 m³/h: 20 liters/h
* Dimensions: sea container: easily movable.

– Regenerable Zeolit filter (or active coal): allows filtration of light concentrated solvent. When full, regenerated in +- 2 to 5 hours (due to the size of filter)