For operations in polar regions

Available for WORKGLOP® 128 and SPILLGLOP® range for recovery of hydrocarbons in polar regions, following an ice breaker

Boats cleaning water surfaces - polar region operations
Once an ice breaker has passed through the pack ice, the hydrocarbons rise to the surface. This high concentration of hydrocarbons increases the sweeping capacity of our vessels.

The ECOCEANE solution

Boats cleaning water surfaces - polar region operations

Hydrocarbon recovery in the ice

  • A harrow is incorporated into the bow in order to push aside large blocks of ice.
  • A second detachable harrow astern of the first and with a finer mesh makes it possible to recover smaller blocks of ice by side “scoops”.
  • The Macro-waste collection basket enables the remaining “ice cubes” to be stopped and removed. During this operation, the flow is stopped temporarily to prevent ice entering in the hydrocarbon separator.
  • All these units are heated to guarantee normal circulation of the “flows”
  • A sliding door blocks off the first harrow and allows rapid travel to the work areas aided by the “ V” shaped hull bottom
  • SPILLGLOP 250 and 460 are both classified ICE CLASS 1A
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