A wash machine cleaning rolls of printed films: The FILMCLEAN

The ECOCLEAN: A wash machine cleaning rolls of printed films

Type of industries

  • Recycling
  • Printing industry

Thousands of ton of already printed plastic rolls are yearly sent to waste centra’s. The industry is receiving ridiculous amounts for those rolls and are obliged to purchase new plastic.

We propose a machine with a very short ROI (return on investment), cleaning at a speed of 60 m/min the plastic rolls and giving it back its transparency. The recovered plastic can be , after granulating, fully integrated in the production of new rolls, allowing also to lower the amount of plastic to stock.

Manufacturer has just developed a machine allowing to clean plastic films in rollers, and to remove inks of those, making them again transparent.

The machine carries out several washings and rinsing of the reel, as well as the D-winding of this one.

Optionally, a drying of the film (generally not necessary) can be foreseen.

A system assembling several small rolls together (joining station) can also be fitted, enabling a lowering of stockage place and transport costs.

The machine reaches a speed of 45m/minute on a width being able to reach 2.300 mm (standard = 1.800 mm), and a thickness of +- 20 µm.
From the thickness of 45 µm, the machine can assure a speed of 60 m/min

Thanks to this process, impression waste is not solely any more intended for the manufacture of bags dustbins: the product is really revalorized and can be re-injected again in the production (after re-granulation), keeping all its physical and chemical properties.

Still a product who’s RIO (Return on Investment) is in general carried out under the 12 months.

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