Oil & Gas World: a fast and secure degassing



       We are proposing 3 different technologies approaches for the degasing and/or recovery of VOC’s:


             A/ Catalytic oxidation

Special development for oil & gas, allowing high concentration, even chlorinated, coming from ships & tanks during degasing.


– High security: DEKRA certified & ATEX for parts in contact with solvent. Redundancy in placed securities

– No contact of solvant with direct flamme

– No production of CO, no NOx, no SOx: only CO² and H²O

– Follows automatically the flow and concentration variations, from 500 to 3.000 Nm³

– Easy to implement, easy to move: delivered on a sea container form, you just have to plug energy & IN/OUT

– auto thermal already reached from… 0.75 gr. compared to the classical 3 to 4 gr. usually proposed

– very low use costs; good to use with practically any type of solvents

– little place necessary

– Results of Output registered in SIEMENS PLC (PID in chimney)

– Remote protected access to all data’s of machine, allowing full remote assistance and/or following of treatment data’s on line

– Fully modular: when needed, combined modules are able to cover more important flows to treat

– Good longevity as material used (mostly Stainless steel 316L answering perfectly to sea atmosphere) and few moving parts

– Energy recovered for electricity, cooling or heating when needed.

– Combined with our cryogenic solution, allows to treat a bigger flow

B/ Cryogenics:

Our cryogenic solutions are able to treat polluted airflows up to 1.500 Nm³/h with or without liquid nitrogen, condensing the VOC’s with A GARANTEED  NITROGEN CONSUMPTION OF 15 to 20 Liters /HOUR.

This machine, offering such a solution usually applied for condensing VOC’s with boiling points under the -40°C (-40°F), offers under more the possibility, thanks to its world patented system lowering, without use of nitrogen, the temperature of an incoming gas of +- 70°C (- 94°F) bringing an incoming air of  20°C (68°F) to+-45°to -50°C (- 49° to -58°F).


– Secure system (no flame), as DEKRA authorized and ATEX for parts in contact with solvents (on complete machine on demand). Redundancy in placed securities

– Multiple applications, with use of liquid nitrogen or without nitrogen, and airflow from 500 to 1500 in direct treatment.

– Very low nitrogen consumption when needed, as multiple heat exchanger has been used, and our capacity to lower temperature without nitrogen

– Full automatic system adapting itself to flow and concentration variations, from 500 or less to 1500 Nm³/h.

– Easy to implement and to move, as it is delivered in a sea container form (+- 7 x 2.3 x 2.4 m)

This technique allows three interesting approaches for the degasing:

– Direct treatment, with nitrogen

– Combined with our catalytic solution, the cryogen allows a first efficient abatement of the heavy gasses before entering to the catalyst, increasing the

possible concentration of the gases to be treated: No need of nitrogen for this application

– Cooling the gases flow before entering into active coal filters increases its efficiency: No need of nitrogen for this application

           C/ Regenerable activated carbon (or zeolite) filter

An interesting solution when concentration is low. Filters are desorbed in +-2 to 4 hours (depending on the size of the chosen filters.

Desorption happens in closed loop, together with a small catalytic oxidation unit specially adapted for it. The desorption happens practically constantly in auto thermal situation

The longevity of active coal is increased, as the air t° is regulated to enter the filter, and coal is not moved nor transported anymore.

Recovery of temperature is used to preheat incoming air.


– Security: Dekra certified, build following ATEX norms with oriented explosion walls.

–  Easy to implement and not expensive; allows to manage the weak concentrations.

– If more than one filter connected, the saturated filter is automatically disconnected and replaced by another up to its cleaning

– Filters pre equipped with PID allowing control of airflow quality. Results registered in PLC of catalytic oxidation unit.

Oil & Gas: our degassing solutions