Boats cleaning water surfaces of sea, harbours, marina’s and intern waters, recovering hydrocarbon & floating waste

Boats cleaning water surfaces

Boats cleaning water surfaces

Without early intervention, the only thing standing in the way of hydrocarbons is the coastline. The environmental consequences of such an event and its impact on the local population have led us to develop effective solutions for collection at sea.


Evidence has shown that, when there is marine pollution, it is important to treat pollutants and spills upstream as early as possible, before they damage the coastline.

Despite this, recent studies have found that: “Despite the significant means employed, very few – if any – hydrocarbons are recovered at sea.”

This inefficiency severely impacts the environment, making clean-up operations difficult and causing serious damage to the coastline.

Our task

This is why, EFINOR SEA CLEANER has focused its energies on researching, developing, building and marketing its patented, versatile vessels. These vessels are designed to recover hydrocarbons and solid floating waste at sea.

Research and design

Boats cleaning water surfaces

The company’s facilities include an engineering design office and a shipyard that specializes in aluminum and metal construction.

The shipyard and design office are first and foremost a research and development laboratory, dedicated to manufacture and to test effective ways of fighting marine pollution.


EFINOR SEA CLEANER’s innovative technology makes it possible to recover all types of floating and liquid waste (hydrocarbons).


Our solutions cover ports, coastlines, lakes and rivers, the oil industry, and ocean-going and polar operations.

All of our vessels, ranging from 7 to 46 metres in length, are equipped with our patented technology. Each vessel is adapted to the needs of a particular environment and a specific type of operation.

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