Speed of deployment

Boats cleaning water surfaces

Each disaster has its own unique location and set of circumstances.

Areas such as oilfields, the high seas, the coastline, ports, lakes and rivers, must be protected at all times.

Rapid response is therefore critical, meaning that cleanup vessels must be on site as quickly as possible.


Since our vessels can be fully integrated into the maritime economy, our system is always available on various water sites.


Our versatile vessels have been constructed with all the necessary equipment for collecting hydrocarbons at sea, this without creating emulsion.

They are always available to respond, when needed, with a dedicated crew, and without the need to return to their home port to collect equipment.

They work like genuine “hoovers” on the surface of the sea, operating at 4 knots in winds of up to Force 6, collecting 80 to 150 m³ of pollutants per hour.

Their recovered hydrocarbons are continuously transferred to tankers which don’t require any conversion to take the hydrocarbons.

A rotating storage arrangement means that the recovery capacity is unlimited.

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