A new solution for the recycling of aerosol spary cans: The EZ_AIR_2000

A new solution for the recycling of aerosol spary cans: The EZ_AIR_2000 

Type of industry

  • Recycling

First system approved by the Common Market for the recycling of the aerosols , in combination with a crusher/shredder.

Manufacturer ECOCIPREA received, after a closer examination of the system suggested for the recycling of the aerosols, the first European approval for his machine EZAIR2000.

The problems encountered for this treatment related to not only the environment, with the relaxation of the aerosols gases in the atmosphere, but also on the level of the treatment risks. Indeed the simultaneous shredding of hundreds of aerosols causes regularly, in the event of sparks, sometimes impressive explosions, what damages the material, and sometimes the people. The manufacturer, by installing a cryogenic system feeding the working chamber, eliminates the risks of explosion while remaining under the threshold of explosiveness, and recovers the produced gas which it condenses, thus eliminating any emission towards the atmosphere.

This product has been patented.

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