The steel work industry: a world on its own

Steel work industry

Material treated

Steel – Cast-Iron – Aluminium – Brass – Iron – Lead – Brass – Coper – Zamak

Working typology

Induction & Arc smelting Furnace – Gas Smelting Furnace with Burners

Vertical & Rotative Smelting Furnace – Cupola Furnace – Moulding Lines & Reclamation Sand – Reclamation Sand -Pressure & Gravity Die-Casting – Refinery & Recycling of Aluminium – Core Making -Metal Surface Treatment

The specific world of metal factories needs people who know their problematic. Therefore, we joined a leading factory in this specific branch for all Europe.

Their 30 years of experience in this branch, and the growing success they are meeting proves the efficiency of the proposed material.

Steel work industry

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