Industrial cold: chillers, free-coolers, thermoregulators

Types of industry

  • Plastic & thermo plastic
  • Every production society having to manage the cooling of industrial machines

Industrial cold: chillers, free-coolers, thermoregulators

We decided to be present in this very current branch in nearly all the production sites, because we could note that much energy is wasted still today in cooling systems which, if they carry out the cooling of the processwater at the requested temperature, they make it very often to the detriment of an enormous energy cost compared with the possibilities that the market offers today.

Therefore we decided to collaborate with the number 1 of the industrial cold in Italy and France in a field very sensitive to the energy costs: the plastic industry.

The technique used presents a COP (coefficient of performance) out of common run, with figures from 5.2 to 6.2 there where the others propose generally not more than 3.

But the interest is also in certain automated systems which make it possible to make very important economies, according to the outside temperatures, changing the course of water according to the climatic conditions.

Industrial cold: chillers, free-coolers, thermoregulators

Lastly, they have a characteristic protected by a world patent: complete modularity of the majority of its systems, allowing to buy a relatively modest system, and to adapt it to its needs as the need appears, this without any concession with quality or the effectiveness, and with a disconcerting ease.

The range is very complete:

  • The small individual chillers go from 6 to 20 kw.
  • Small Chillers/Heaters, combining two functions in one, with one or two separated circuits, one or two heating until 90°C, the other cooling: from 9 to 20 kw.
  • Modular chillers: from 30 to 220 kw. They either are cooled by air, or by water
  • Chillers of heavier production: from 150 to 600 kw
  • Thermo-convectors (= free-coolers):
    • entirely modular: from 30 to 150 kw. They have a delta T of 3!!! That means that when you have an outside t° of 10°C, the system gives you a water on 13°C. Generally, you find a delta T of 5 à 10.
    • octagonal range: of 200 kw until 900 kw
  • The thermoregulators , hold the processwater on a certain temperature, with a precision of 0,2°C and an astonishing speed. They are working with water or oil.

Industrial cold: chillers, free-coolers, thermoregulators

The manufacturer is able to build a specific cooler on request.

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