Evacuating pollutants from the site

Boats cleaning water surfaces
Evacuating pollutants from the site must not hinder the cleanup operation.

Standard system used currently

The tankers used in spill cleanup operations normally have a storage capacity of 500 to 1,500m3. At best, in theory, with 24-hour pumping, their tanks will be filled within 1 to 2 weeks. The tankers would then have to abandon the cleanup operation to return to port, empty the tanks and return to the site.


The cleanup boat has to leave the site for several days.

The Efinor Sea Cleaner solution

  • Efinor Sea Cleaner vessels act as genuine suction head , able of 24/24 hour cleanup and pollution control work
  • The recovered hydrocarbons are continuously transferred to tankers or barges, on a rotating basis, providing unlimited recovery capacity
  • As no special conversion of the tankers is required , all available tankers can take part in the evacuation of pollutants from the site

The collection vessel can work independently of the storage vessel.


500m3 TANKER – 4 TO 7 HOURS
1,500m3 TANKER – 12 TO 21 HOURS

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