Protection of people

Boats cleaning water surfaces
A cleanup operation must not adversely affect the health of those carrying it out.

Standard system currently used

Very few vessels are fi tted with a specific safety and protection system for the personnel.


The people on board are required to conduct many exterior activities, with no guarantee that their safety will be protected.

The ECOCEANE solution

The living quarters of ocean-going vessels comprise several separate areas:

  • Wheelhouse
  • Decontamination air lock with shower
  • Sleeping area, with bunks shower rooms and heads
  • Daytime area, with galleys and messes

Personnel are not required to carry out any exterior operations, other than to deploy the transfer hoses.

The living quarters and wheelhouse are protected and pressurized, so that the safety of the crew on board is guaranteed when working in polluted areas.

The specific features of our vessels provide maximum safety protection for the crew:

  • Maltese cross certified hull
  • Machine point
  • Bureau Veritas certified materials
  • Gas detection system
  • Electrical system answering to ATEX standards
  • Fire insulated cabin
  • Hydraulic controls from the cabin
  • Bureau Veritas classification : Category 1 and Oil Recovery Ship.
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